Letter to Turned-on Women

originally published on the web site of the Turned on Woman Movement

Nicole Daedone, founder of the Turned On Woman Movement

Nicole Daedone, founder of the Turned On Woman Movement

Dear Turned-on Women,

I am one of those few lucky men who has had the privilege to meet, to know, to love, and in a few cases to fall madly in love with turned-on women.

As with many men, I suppose, my first romantic relationships with women I’d describe today as turned-off women. It is not that they lacked the ability for love or to connect sexually, because they could do both, but that they never seemed to surrender fully to their own sex, their own pleasure, their own desire. It was like they were engaged in sex because it was part of the expected script, rather than because it was the play they wanted to write. Read more »

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Women & Men / Anger & Fear

The battle of the sexes is as old as the sexes themselves.  But what lies at the heart of it?  One of my guides along my path as a man and as a healer, once told me something that might shed some light on the subject.  This is what he defines as the two biggest problems in the world.

“The first is that, on average, the level of individual self-love of the people inhabiting the planet is terribly low. This is not the self-love of the identity loving itself. That is what is meant by megalomaniac, self-aggrandizement etc. This is the inability of the identity, that which you think you are, to receive the love of that which you really are.  The second problem is the inability of women to give their sexual energy to men, primarily due to their anger, coupled with the even worse inability of men to receive the sexual energy of women, primarily due to their fear.” – Greg Ehmka

angry woman and fearful man

The Toxic Pattern: An angry woman and frightened man.

What does this really mean, and what might be learned from it?  Why anger and why fear?  Why the dichotomy between the sexes?

Personally, I would change Greg’s words of “sexual energy” to “sexual and/or love energies.”  It seems to me, at least from my journey though life and relationships, that these two often come intertwined when it comes to sexual relationships.  Sometimes sexual energy might be the sticking point, and other times love energy might be the sticking point.  Sometimes the fear and/or anger does not get in the way of sexual energy exchange, but does interfere very much with opening through trust to love. Read more »

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Hypnotic Induction for Use with a Light/Sound Device


hypnoticThis induction is to be used with a Light/Sound Device. My personal device is the David Paradise XL, which I find to be a useful and powerful tool. It has multiple settings, including a manual control setting. I highly recommend purchasing a device with a manual control for use in hypnosis. All hypnotic sessions differ, as do the responses of the subject. Thus, it helps to be able to manually control the brain stimulation technology as you induce the trance.

Within the induction below are notes in [brackets]. Anything appearing in brackets is not to be read aloud. These are notes on what settings to change on the machine as you go. Readers will note that I use the Schumann Resonance frequency of 7.83 Hz as the final state in this technique, but any wave pattern between 4 and 8 Hz (theta brainwaves) should work well. Read more »

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How to Chant Bija Mantras

Hindu man chanting a mantraMantras are one of the oldest tools for transformation and higher consciousness that uses sound. A mantra can help to awaken emotions and stimulate the mind. Effects of chanting mantras can usually be felt both by someone chanting them, and someone listening to them.

The word mantra comes from the Sanskrit, and means advice or suggestion. Almost any word might be thought of as a mantra. Each word we use offers a suggestion to our mind, and our minds respond to them immediately.

Mantra might also be thought of as a kind of an energy pattern.

Each Bija Mantra corresponds to a particular god or goddess, and five of them correspond to the first five chakras in the chakra system, with OM corresponding to the sixth chakra. Read more »

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Seven Core Masculine Archetypes

The Wild Man

The Wild Man

These seven archetypes were heavily influenced by my participation in a men’s circle, the work of Robert Bly in Iron John and my experiences with Tantra and sacred sexuality. I employ a combination of mythical archetypes and relationships to the 7 Chakras.

In the western nations the press frequently demonizes men and paints us as devils, rapists, oppressors and all manner of despicable shadow-masculine characters. Most men I know would not fit into any such category, and yet most men I know have never read nor seen an essay about the sacred nature of men, while reports of rape, murder and men oppressing women can be read any day of the week in the newspaper. In short, I see a world literally filled with men who exhibit the 7 archetypes I’ve listed below, and with a small and ever decreasing minority of men who fit she “shadow” version of those archetypes, yet by reading the press, viewing the television and movies, or going to a modern university, one might get the impression that the shadow men make up the majority. Read more »

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Soul Gazing Exercise

eye contact

A key to great sex: Eye Contact!

Communication is something that occurs on many levels.  Most frequently, we think of communication as being a two-part exchange.  There is the receptive communication of listening, and the active communication of speaking.  Yet we intuitively know that communication goes far beyond what we do with our ears and mouths.  Communication occurs on many levels, the majority of which are nonverbal.

Soul Gazing helps exercise one of these nonverbal communication channels, by opening up an energy connection between your eyes and the eyes of your partner.  Eye contact, particularly when it is prolonged and intimate, can be very challenging.  As with many challenges, however, the payoff to fully submersing oneself in the exercise can produce profound results for both participants.

Purpose of the Exercise

The Soul Gazing exercise in Tantra is a method of communicating with your lover that is completely nonverbal.  As such, it may open new doors to intimacy in your relationship that were previously unexplored.  Use this exercise to communicate on a deeper level with your partner, and to awaken new lines of exchange.  Soul Gazing harmonizes the energy of both partners, creating an open heart space where deeper intimacy may be achieved. Read more »

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