Hypnotic Induction for Use with a Light/Sound Device


hypnoticThis induction is to be used with a Light/Sound Device. My personal device is the David Paradise XL, which I find to be a useful and powerful tool. It has multiple settings, including a manual control setting. I highly recommend purchasing a device with a manual control for use in hypnosis. All hypnotic sessions differ, as do the responses of the subject. Thus, it helps to be able to manually control the brain stimulation technology as you induce the trance.

Within the induction below are notes in [brackets]. Anything appearing in brackets is not to be read aloud. These are notes on what settings to change on the machine as you go. Readers will note that I use the Schumann Resonance frequency of 7.83 Hz as the final state in this technique, but any wave pattern between 4 and 8 Hz (theta brainwaves) should work well. Read more »

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