A Simple Matter of Ethics

The Golden RuleI get into a lot of debates about morality, ethics, personal philosophies on life, and what results from each individual’s take on such issues. This is often the case with atheists because of the fact that most of us have a very strong sense of ethics, where we stand on ethical issues, and well-thought out lines of logical reasoning on the topic. It is also often the case with anarchists for the same reasons. We anarchists and atheists have often rejected states and religions based on the grounds that their actions and teachings seem to often be in direct opposition to decent human ethics.

So, what is the most basic and simple ethical rule that many (dare I say most?) anarchists and atheists live by? It’s quite a simple rule. If you’re a religious person, you’re probably already familiar with it, because most religions consider it one of the cornerstones of their belief system. Read more »

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