What is The Personal Revolution all about? What is a Revolution, anyway?

a sudden, radical, or complete change

The Personal Revolution can be about anything, but always involves change. No matter which definition of Revolution we choose, they all involve shifts, changes, or complete upheavals.

a fundamental change in political organization; especially : the overthrow or renunciation of one government or ruler and the substitution of another by the governed

The Personal Revolution may result in political change in society as a whole, and usually involves political change of the individual. It may take the form of the overthrow or renunciation of one’s former belief system or indoctrination – in essence the overthrow of one’s personal governance.

activity or movement designed to effect fundamental changes in the socioeconomic situation

When a person overthrows his own governance, socioeconomic changes are bound to occur. In general, those who liberate themselves through The Personal Revolution will experience greater ease with socioeconomic issues, regardless of particular circumstances.

a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something : a change of paradigm

As mentioned before, one’s beliefs are a sort of form of self-governance. The Personal Revolution involves examining all one’s own paradigms, and asking, “why this?” and “could this be wrong?”

a changeover in use or preference especially in technology

Like the mobile computing revolution, or any other technological revolution, The Personal Revolution may involve changing over the technology used to navigate life again and again.

And yet, revolutions can also refer to motions of celestial bodies or machines, or even parts of our own bodies.

completion of a course (as of years); also : the period made by the regular succession of a measure of time or by a succession of similar events

When speaking of The Personal Revolution it may be useful to remember that for many (or most?) people, the Revolution occurs again, and again, and again. There is not one Revolution, but many.

The Personal Revolution is about you. It is about you waking up, growing up, and becoming the person you always wanted to be. It is about overthrowing any authority that stands in your way, even your own. It is about completing cycles of events, and also being able to suddenly, radically shift direction.

The Personal Revolution is about you becoming free.

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