If you asked me about Tantra or Sex Magick…

This is a reminder of what I told you about it (I say more or less the same thing to everyone):

  1. Erotic Relief Sculpture from Tantric Temple in IndiaOkay, so I hear you asking about sex, so I’m going to let you in on a little secret about Sex Magick, Tantric Sexuality, and other forms of Sacred Sexuality and Sexual Mysticism.
  2. Before I do, I’m going to tell you something important about what I’m igniting in you. None of these paths are about sex. I get that you think they are. I get that this is your motive: better sex. I get that maybe you want to impress the ladies or the men with your skills in bed. That’s fine. Many people get interested for exactly the same reasons you are. That is how I got interested in the topic as well. So I have no complaint about your motives or intentions, but I’m not going to give you these secrets without first giving you a warning.
  3. That warning is this: What I’m about to tell you will change your entire life if you actually pursue it. It will change everything about your life in ways you cannot even imagine.
  4. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s what you wanted to know: Six Basic Keys to Mind-blowing Tantric Sex
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Angry? Learn to Anger Dance!

an angry man screaming

Mad as Hell?

I have been using this technique for several years now, and find it invaluable to living powerfully. I have attempted to explain it to online friends in the past, and sometimes receive comments such as, “I do not like to wallow in my anger with music. I prefer to forget it and move on.” Since this is exactly the intent of the Anger Dance – to allow the anger to move so that I can move on – I want to present the full details of the Anger Dance as I do it, so others may benefit from the experience. There is no wallowing here. There is only movement and progress towards a positive intention.

The techniques described in this article are the brainchild of Greg Ehmka. Greg’s work focuses specifically on the use of intention, intuition and expression of emotion as a means to keep life moving in a positive direction and advancing one’s intentions in the world. Instructions contained herein are similar, though likely not identical, to his teachings. Everything here is in my own words, and using the methods I use in my personal emotional release practice.

What is an Anger Dance?

An Anger Dance is a form of Latihan. It is used to move angry energy out of the body. Unlike most forms of Latihan, which begin from emptiness or nothingness, this form begins with anger. When you find yourself feeling angry, and especially when you know the source of the anger, you may wish to use an Anger Dance to purge the energy, and to put it into a positive intention. If you don’t know the source, you may wish to do the Anger Dance simply to find the source, or to just push some of that energy out of your body by moving. Read more »

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Ego, the Subconscious, and Higher Consciousness

Hawaiian Tiki Totem Pole

Hawaiian Tiki Totem Pole

In Huna (Hawaiian Shamanism), there are three aspects to awareness:

  1. Ku – The Heart Aspect – similar to the Western concept of the subconscious.
  2. Lono – The Mind Aspect – similar to the Western concept of the conscious or ego.
  3. Kane – The Spirit Aspect – similar to the Western concept of the higher consciousness.

In Huna, it is said that the Ku or subconscious has access to both the Lono or conscious, and to the Kane or the higher consciousness.  It is said that the Kane and the Lono have no access to each other.  Thus, in Huna tradition, it is only through the ego exploring the subconscious that the higher consciousness may even be touched.

Working on my ego is not about trying to gain anything; rather it is about trying to create a life I really love living. So many people try to kill the ego or push the ego away, when in actuality it is the ego that allows me to be in physical reality and enjoy my life on Earth. Being happy, clear, and aligned in the physical reality and the ego can only help raise the vibrations of my subconscious, and therefore also my higher consciousness. As a physical, but not-only-physical being, why not allow my ego to be in partnership with my subconscious and higher consciousness, and help raise the vibration of everything to which the ego has access, but the higher consciousness does not?

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