What Kind of Facebook Friend Are You?

add as friend on facebookThe word “friend” has many meanings, and we have many types of friends. The term has taken on new meaning the in the era of social media. So, what kind of friend are you to people in your friend list on social networking sites? What kind of friends are your friends? What does your method of relating to friends say about your depth of friendship? Can social media use friendship to take society to the next level, and how does that relate to how you relate to friends?

Part Three of this series inquires about how we treat our friends on social networking sites. Most people treat each other like acquaintances, fake friends, or something of the like, but not like intimate friends. What if people treated their social networking friends like real friends?

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Social Media Friends

What kind of friends are these, though? Some are obviously true friends that we’ve met in real life, but many are often people we know only through the web, and only casually. But does that mean we should treat them like acquaintances?

I am not so sure.

What if we treated our Social Networking Friends like True Friends?

I happen to think this seems like a great idea for the betterment of society, and I have taken it on as a methodology in my own life. I treat everyone in my friend list as a true friend, even if I don’t know them at all.

NOTE: This results in me losing about one third of the friends as I gain. My number of Facebook friends seems to slowly creep upward, and my number of “de-friendings” seems to continue at a slow pace as well. When I lose one, I gain three more , and then lose another, and then gain three more again. Why do I lose so many?

I tell them the truth and expose their delusions.

They post that “God is going to punish the terrorists,” and I inform them that no punishment will come from above, but only from sad and pathetically violent humans who ought to take responsibility for their own actions, instead of putting the blame and responsibility on “god.” I let them know that punishment seems a sad way of looking for a solution to terror. I call them out on their delusions and their hatred.

So they de-friend me.

They were never friends to begin with. They wanted an acquaintance who would nod his head politely and say nothing as they spouted hate, violence, lies or manipulations. They wanted a cosigner to their bullshit. They wanted a fake friend.

Well, they don’t want a true friend, and I am one.

If you want me to be your fake friend or your acquaintance, you may as well de-friend me now.

But if you want someone who will tell you the truth about your bullshit, who will call you to account for your hypocrisy, who will trust you and be trustworthy, who will not give up on you even when you’re deluded or wallowing in the muck, then you belong in my friend list.

So, what kind of friend are you, anyway?

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