Hypnotic Induction for Use with a Light/Sound Device


hypnoticThis induction is to be used with a Light/Sound Device. My personal device is the David Paradise XL, which I find to be a useful and powerful tool. It has multiple settings, including a manual control setting. I highly recommend purchasing a device with a manual control for use in hypnosis. All hypnotic sessions differ, as do the responses of the subject. Thus, it helps to be able to manually control the brain stimulation technology as you induce the trance.

Within the induction below are notes in [brackets]. Anything appearing in brackets is not to be read aloud. These are notes on what settings to change on the machine as you go. Readers will note that I use the Schumann Resonance frequency of 7.83 Hz as the final state in this technique, but any wave pattern between 4 and 8 Hz (theta brainwaves) should work well.

IMPORTANT: These devices can cause seizures in a subject who has had seizures in the past. Always check the subject’s medical history for seizures, and do NOT use the device if they have EVER had one. Have them sign a disclaimer acknowledging that this is a known risk and that they have no history of such events.

Explaining the Technique to the Subject

Spoken to Subject

Have you ever heard that chimpanzees will travel great distances just to watch the way that light plays off the water in a waterfall? Well, they do. And they seem completely entranced by the flickering light coming off the water.

Early man, like anyone who has ever sat around a campfire, undoubtedly found himself entranced by the flickering of the firelight. In ancient times, early scientists and philosophers experimented with flickering light, including Apuleius and Ptolemy. They noticed that flickering light caused a person with closed eyes to see patterns of light and produced states of euphoria.

Modern scientific research into the effects of rhythmic light and sound begun in the 1930’s found that the electrical rhythms of the brain tended to follow any light or sound rhythm. For example, they noticed that if a light flashed at a rate of 10 times a second, or 10 Hz, that the brainwaves of the person seeing the light tended to also fall into a 10 Hz frequency. Scientists call this phenomena “entrainment.” Sidney Schneider invented the first device to use this technique for healing and hypnosis during World War II, and his device is still used by some hypnotists today.

By the 1980’s all sorts of various light and sound gadgets became available on the market, and were offered through catalogs such as the Sharper Image. With the rapid progress made in this area, new discoveries have been made about the effects of these devices.

Both researchers and personal users of these devices have noted a plethora of positive effects from their use, including: brainwave entrainment, stimulation of neurochemicals, opening of the unconscious mind, deep relaxation, trance states of consciousness, mental exercise, increased creativity and mental flexibility, relief from migraines, chronic pain, anxiety, and stress, increased immune response, accelerated learning, and ecstasy.

Because these machines work on everyone, and because they are so useful at inducing trance states of consciousness, opening the unconscious mind, and providing increased creativity and accelerated learning abilities, they are ideal for hypnosis.

Even if you never listen to a word I said during our session, the machine will still take you into a deep state of trance, and your unconscious mind will hear and accept all the suggestions I give you.

I’m going to take you to a very special brainwave frequency. It’s a special frequency called the Schumann resonance frequency, and it corresponds to the same wave pattern that reverberates continuously between the Earth’s crust and the ionosphere. This is a very special state of consciousness in the human mind, and corresponds to an open, receptive and creative mind. This state is ideal for hypnosis.

During the session, I’ll ask that you keep your eyes closed at all times. Having your eyes open can make the lights a bit bright.

Are you ready to begin?

Calibrating the Device to the Subject

Have the subject put on the eye screen and the headphones. Use the “binaural beat” option for the sounds, rather than the “pulse” or “tone” sounds if your machine has one. Set the pitch of the tone to a low tone. Set the frequency of the machine to 25 Hz, and test for the best light setting that feels comfortable to the subject. Get a second light reading from the subject that they feel is “almost too bright, but still okay.” You’ll need this in the induction. Test for the volume setting that will allow them to hear the binaural beats, but just barely, while still being able to hear your voice. Make note of the proper volume and brightness settings.

The Campfire Induction

Spoken to Subject

[Brightness to zero. Volume to the barely audible setting you had to begin with. Rate to 25 Hz or higher. Focus mode.]

Before you go into a hypnotic trance, be sure that you have your clothes loosened in any areas where they might be tight. Let yourself get into a comfortable position. Close your eyes and begin inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly. Continue inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly about five or six times. Each time that you exhale, your body relaxes more, you feel more calm, more peaceful, and more at ease.

As you continue relaxing, I want you to use your imagination. Imagine yourself on a beach at dusk. You have brought some things to this beach with you. You brought some wood for a fire, which you’ve arranged in a pit in the sand, and it’s ready to light. You’ve brought your comfortable beach chair. You’ve brought a special box with you. It’s a very strong box with a very secure lock on it. The sun has just gone down, and it is warm outside, and you’re sitting in your very comfortable beach chair. You continue feeling more relaxed, more peaceful, more at ease….

Look out over the ocean now, and take in the beauty of the sky just after sunset. You’ve prepared your fire on this beach, and now that the sun is down, it’s time to light it. You take out a match, and light the small kindling underneath the logs, and it begins to crackle and spark.

[Begin turning up brightness quickly, all the way to the “almost too bright” level.] As the fire ignites, it bursts into flames, and sparks fly in all directions, carried on the breeze and the force of the fire rising quickly. The fire begins to warm you, and now you’re just the perfect temperature, all warm and toasty inside, calm and relaxed. And as the warmth relaxes you, the kindling in the fire is getting used up, and the flames are dying down [turn brightness down slowly to the “comfortable” level], they’re dying down as the kindling is used up, and now the flames are on the logs, not rising and crackling as much as they were before.

As you look into the fire, you may notice the way it clings to the logs and then lets go. You may notice the logs beginning to glow with embers. You may notice the way the smoke rises and curls into the air. Whatever you see in the fire brings you peace…and calm…and relaxation.

[Step up and down several times using fractionation to induce hypnosis at a rate between 25 Hz and 13 Hz over the next 5 paragraphs, ending up at a final rate of 13.]

When you’re ready now, pick up your box. Pick up your box and raise the strong and heavy lid. Raise the lid of your box and place inside the box any concerns or emotions or thoughts about your day. Place inside the box any troubles or worries you may have. Gather up any doubts or fears you may have, and place them in the box. Place all these things, and any other thoughts or feelings or concerns that might get in the way of your total and peaceful relaxation, place all these things into the box, and close the strong and heavy lid. Close the lid of your box, and lock the box. Lock the box and place it on the sand where it is out of your sight. Place it on the ground, and sit back in your comfortable beach chair and relax.

Looking into this fire, some memories begin to rise. You might be reminded of a special experience you once had around a campfire. You might recall sitting in front of a fireplace with a special person. You might recall those other unique moments when you felt connected to nature, relaxed, comfortable, safe and warm. You might recall a thousand other memories where these feelings stirred your soul. It’s so peaceful here on this beach, in front of this fire.

You love to watch the fire rise and fall back again. The flames sometimes burst upwards, and sometimes settle downwards. As the fire burns down, and the logs become more used up, more spent, you notice the flames pulsing more slowly now. The flames are slowing down their fury, slowing down and slowing you down with them.

You may smell the scent of the wood, the smoke, the ocean, or the scent of the air, and these scents mix perfectly to make an aroma that soothes and relaxes you. You’re feeling at one with nature now, at one with yourself, at one with everything, at peace and relaxed, just sinking into your comfortable beach chair, and gazing into the fire.

As you gaze into this fire, you begin to become entranced by the beauty of the light. You’re becoming entranced by the sparks arching up into the sky, by the embers glowing beneath the flames, by the dancing patterns of light and dark. Feeling warm. Feeling comfortable. Feeling relaxed and safe.

[You should now be at a rate of 13 Hz. Over the next 4 paragraphs, take them slowly to 8 Hz.]

You feel yourself drifting as you watch the flames, the smaller flames, lightly running over the logs, slowing down, keeping you warm. As they slow, your mind quiets, and the memories are coming slower now. Everything is coming to you slower now, and your conscious mind is paying less attention. Your unconscious mind begins to fill with wonder.

As you drift, your eyes become heavy and close. Your eyes close now. You can feel the warmth of the fire on your eyelids now that they’re closed. You can see the flickering of the fire even behind your closed eyelids. Your conscious mind is letting go now, letting go and drifting, drifting away, becoming quiet inside, all the voices of your conscious mind drifting away.

Your conscious mind is nearly asleep now. Your unconscious mind is still awake, and alert, and listening to every word I am saying to you. Your unconscious mind, awake, alert, listening, while your conscious mind relaxes, lets go, drifts away. You’re melting into the chair. Perfectly relaxed. Perfectly comfortable.

You’re unconscious mind is listening to the sound of my voice. I’m going to count from 1 to 10 now, and when I reach the count of 10, your conscious mind will be completely asleep, and your unconscious mind will be alert and listening to everything that I’m saying. 1. Your body sinks deeper into the chair. 2. Your head sinks deeper into the chair. 3. Your conscious mind lets go of any thoughts. 4. Your body is completely limp and relaxed. 5. Going deeper. 6. So relaxed now. 7. Your unconscious is listening only to the sound of my voice. 8. Conscious mind asleep. 9. Unconscious mind alert. 10. Perfectly relaxed. 10. 10. 10.

[Rate should now be 8 Hz. Step down to 7.83 Hz over next paragraph.]

Now I’m going to count one more number. I’m going to count one more number, and when I do, you’ll open a special access channel to your unconscious mind. You’ll open a channel directly from your ears to your unconscious mind so that every suggestion I give you will sink deep into your unconscious mind. [At 7.83 now.]

And in a moment you may notice a change in the flickering of the light on your closed eyes, and this will open the channel directly to your unconscious mind. [Switch to expand mode.] 11. Opening a channel from your ears straight to your unconscious mind. 11. 11. 11.

Insert Suggestions Here

This is the place to take care of whatever issues your subject came to see you for. Use whatever works best for you and the subject.

Coming Back

Spoken to Subject

[Still at 7.83 Hz. Expand mode.]

Now you’ve received all of the help and assistance and support that you need. You have received all that you need, and you’re ready to come back to the beach, back to the fire, back to your life. First, close that channel we opened to your unconscious mind. When you do this, you’ll notice a change in the flickering of the light. [Switch back to Focus Mode.] Close that channel between your ears and your unconscious mind.

In a moment, I’m going to count from 10 to 1, and when I reach the number 1, your conscious mind will be completely awake, alert, and rejuvenated.

[Begin to step up slowly while reading the next paragraph to reach a final rate of 23 Hz at the end.]

I’m going to count now. 10. You’re beginning to feel sensations in your body again. Beginning to notice how your body is feeling against the chair. 9. Beginning to become more aware of your surroundings. Slowly becoming aware of your breath. 8. Becoming aware of the your thoughts again. Listening to the sounds in the room around us. 7. Your conscious mind is waking up. 6. Coming up, noticing the thoughts of your conscious mind as you return. 5. Hearing everything around you now. 4. Rising up and feeling great. Rising up to consciousness and become aware. 3. Feeling very alert now, very alert and attentive. Taking a few deep breaths. 2. Feeling rejuvenated, awake, alert, almost ready to open your eyes. And totally ready to awaken, as the last flames of your fire go out, leaving only embers. 1. [Switch off machine.] Totally awake now. 1. Totally refreshed and alive and rejuvenated. 1.

When you’re ready, take off the eye screen and headphones. Just sit there for a while and get used to being awake. Don’t try to stand up right away.

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