How to Chant Bija Mantras

Hindu man chanting a mantraMantras are one of the oldest tools for transformation and higher consciousness that uses sound. A mantra can help to awaken emotions and stimulate the mind. Effects of chanting mantras can usually be felt both by someone chanting them, and someone listening to them.

The word mantra comes from the Sanskrit, and means advice or suggestion. Almost any word might be thought of as a mantra. Each word we use offers a suggestion to our mind, and our minds respond to them immediately.

Mantra might also be thought of as a kind of an energy pattern.

Each Bija Mantra corresponds to a particular god or goddess, and five of them correspond to the first five chakras in the chakra system, with OM corresponding to the sixth chakra.

For purposes of pronunciation, below, the A in ANG is pronounced “ah” and ING is pronounced just as in English. Some worshippers use AHM or UNG instead of ANG.

Mantra God / Goddess / Essence Chakra
AING Saraswati
SHRING Lakshmi
LUNG Earth Muladhara
VANG Water; Varuna Svadhishthana
RANG Fire Manipura
YANG Air Anahata
HANG Akasha Vishudda
ANG Surya (Sun)
GANG Ganesh
DUNG Durga

Raising Energy with the Bija Mantras

To raise the energy through the chakra system, the 5 Bija Mantras and OM (corresponding to Ajna, the sixth chakra) may be used by either an initiate or a healer. Used in a group setting, they are even more powerful.

First, begin by breathing deeply, with Ujai or Pranayama technique from yoga. Then for one full exhale each, chant each of the chakras from 1-6 like so:

  • LUNG – then inhale
  • VANG – then inhale
  • RANG – then inhale
  • YANG – then inhale
  • HANG – then inhale
  • OM – inhale and repeat from beginning

Alternatively, chant all 6 of the Bija Mantras on a single exhale, generally after completing several rounds with one per exhale, like so:

  • Big inhale –
  • LUNG
  • VANG
  • RANG
  • YANG
  • HANG
  • OM
  • repeat from beginning

Visualize pulling the energy up your spine and through each chakra. Feel the energy moving with your breath and sound.

In Healing Work

If using this as a healing technique, chant each mantra with your mouth placed directly over the client’s corresponding chakra. Tell your client to breathe. Give them visual cues as to the color and nature of the energy in each chakra. For easy reference, these colors are:

Chakra Number / Chakra Position / Chakra Name / Chakra Color

  1. Base of Spine / Muladhara / Red
  2. Sexual Center / Svadhishthana / Orange
  3. Solar Plexus / Manipura / Yellow
  4. Heart / Anahata / Green
  5. Throat / Vishudda / Blue
  6. Third Eye / Ajna / Violet/Purple

In a Group Setting

To use in a group setting, all participants should sit in a circle, usually cross-legged. All participants should join hands, with right palm facing downward and left palm facing upward. Eyes may be closed or open, but attention should be given to the exercise and feeling the energy, not to watching what’s going on around the room. Chant the Bija Mantras in unison with breathing technique just as described above. Imagine the energy flowing not just up the spine, but also around the circle: in the left hand, up the left arm, through the torso and head, down the right arm, out the right hand, and so on.

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